Advent of Code 2020

The Advent of Code is an advent calendar of sorts with daily coding challenges from the beginning of December until Christmas. It has offered these challenges annually since 2015, but I just learned about it this year. Here’s hoping I get all the way through! You can check out my solutions on GitHub.

Homebrew Jeopardy!

Like I mention in my bio, one of my favorite pastimes is trivia. Way back before COVID-19, my friends and I would compete at bar trivia. We even won a couple times! Since then, though, we’ve been relegated to remote socializing, so I decided to create a DIY Jeopardy board. The board uses questions from the Jeopardy Archive. (This is an ongoing project, and is probably not functional at the moment.)

NYT Letter Boxed

Recently, I renewed my NYT subscription. In addition to the daily crossword puzzle, this subscription provides access to The Times’ ever-growing puzzle offering, including the Letter Boxed puzzle. After quickly realizing that I don’t have the patience to actually find a clever solution to the puzzle, I decided that I might be able to throw together some code to solve the puzzle for me. It turns out, I could. Here’s the Python code I wrote.

FiveThirtyEight Riddler

FiveThirtyEight offers a pair of weekly challenges that fall into the domains of math, programming, logic, and game theory. When I can, I like to try to solve these puzzles. In addition to the solution writeups that I do, I also have a repository of code I use to solve them.